Manufacturing eCommerce Success with Nicole Donnelly



Summary of the Presentation:

Can effective inbound marketing help your manufacturing business?

If you want to find out, join us for this MFG eCommerce Success show where we will be talking with Nicole Donnelly, Founder & President, Donnelly Marketing Group LLC, about how effective inbound marketing can help manufacturing businesses grow their customer base.

Nicole is a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner who specializes in B2B Industrial marketing that drives revenue. Nicole has been helping businesses she worked for and her clients grow their brand and revenues using the right sales and marketing for over 15 years. Nicole uses this and her experience as a fourth-generation entrepreneur to help clients grow their businesses.

We will learn “What is inbound marketing?”, who it’s for, and how it works.

We will find out how inbound marketing can grow your business and review case studies.

Nicole will also be sharing a 5-step inbound marketing plan you can use for your business.

Join us to learn how effective inbound marketing can help your manufacturing business!

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Donnelly Marketing Group LLC

Manufacturing eCommerce Success with Nicole Donnelly

DMG Digital CEO and Founder, Nicole Donnelly joins the Manufacturing eCommerce Success podcast with B2Btail's Curt Anderson to discuss effective eCommerce marketing.