Manufacturing eCommerce Success with Mike Franz

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Check this out… delivers powerful results to help you save time, save money and reduce stress. Mike Franz – the Founder & CEO of – is a passionate startup leader incorporating strong family values with the consistent pursuit of growth and profitability.

Mike started with a vision to help small to midsized manufacturers optimize spend management by leveraging true peer-to-peer data that spotlights cost savings opportunities. was founded after realizing that the manufacturing industry currently has no way of objectively comparing prices for industrial supplies. That means that manufacturers may be spending far more than they need to on tooling, fasteners, clean room supplies, packaging and much more. Through a network of data, this proprietary method can save companies on their total industrial supply spend.

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Manufacturing eCommerce Success with Mike Franz's CEO and Founder, Mike Franz joins the Manufacturing eCommerce podcast with B2Btail's Curt Anderson to discuss how to build a strong online presence with staying power.